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submitted by: Admin; date 2011-05-01
Former Milan superstar, Marco van Basten, made a few comments on his ex-club and their top goalscorer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

"The team might not be at the same level yet as the remaining teams in the Champions League, but they're building a really strong team and they'll soon be on par with the European giants again," San Marco told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

On Ibracadabra: "He's already won a lot of titles with various big teams throughout Europe. He's one of the best players around. I don't think he's tired physically, but mentally. He loves playing beautiful football, but he gets angry over nothing at the moment. He'll find his way at Milan though, just as I did."

On Massimiliano Allegri: "I've met with Massimiliano Allegri. It's nice to talk with him, Silvio Berlusconi has chosen well. He's a very relaxed coach who has very clear ideas of what he wants and how he wants it. He's a great coach," concluded Van Basten.

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